How to Get a Quiet Man to Open Up To You

It's easy for you to talk about pretty much everything.


And it's actually kind of cute that he's a shy guy. He's sweet, adorable, and you love that he's not the typical loud and obnoxious type.


But you're starting to feel a little bit worried at just how quiet and reserved he seems. Why won't he share more with you? Is there something wrong?


The truth is, it's not that difficult to create an environment where your naturally shy or quiet man will be willing to open up to you. Check out the ideas below...


1. Help him to feel confident.

Find sincere ways to make him feel like you admire and appreciate him. Ask him to do tasks for you that fit his particular strengths or skills. Then ask him questions specifically about those areas of his expertise. You may find he opens right up!


2. Create a quieter environment.

Going out with a half-dozen of your girlfriends to a noisy club may not be a great way to get a naturally quiet man to connect with you. Consider trying a quiet hike out to a spectacular view, or even a move (where there's NO pressure to talk) followed by a glass of wine in a small, local bistro.


3. Invite him to plan a small get-together with you.

Make sure it's low key, and involves a limited mix of both your friends and his. As you plan together, you can ask him questions about location, activity, and even the people he enjoys being around.


4. Talk less.

A guy can't do a lot of talking if you're already dominating that role. Start getting comfortable with being with him without filling all the space with a never-ending stream of conversation. You may find him opening up once the space is provided.


5. Be a great listener.

When your guy does start to open up about something, listen carefully. Learn what things are important to him, and invite him to share more about his favorite interests, family, work, or hobbies.


6. Avoid the “feelings” conversations.

While you're completely comfy with talking about feelings, most men are confused by the complex swirl of emotions that women navigate with such ease. Not only is he not likely to completely understand your feelings (no matter how much you talk about them), he barely understands his own!


So steer the conversation away from feelings, and more toward tasks, activities, and thoughts. He'll be opening up in no time!


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